Beaches, landforms alongside a body of water largely full of sand, have gained quite the popularity as centres of tourist attraction and recreation since they first burst on to the scene over two hundred years ago. From serving as resorts to noblemen and royals to becoming available to all and sundry, they have become quite the place to chill. Lagos, a city with a long coastline, has quite a number of them. Due to its boundary with the Atlantic Ocean, the city earned itself an accolade, “Eko, aromisalegbelegbe” which means “Lagos, a city that runs away from water.” They are classified as either public or private. Irrespective of which beach it is, there is always a long list of them to choose from.


Oniru Beach is a private beach owned by the Oniru Royal Family and located at the very end of Ligali Ayorinde street, Victoria Island, Lagos. With a beautiful and serene environment, the beach offers some level of privacy. As such, it is a very popular site for hosting events such as concerts and the likes. For people looking for a party feeling, the best time to visit Oniru Beach is in the evening on Sundays while those looking for some peace and quiet can enjoy that during weekdays. However, you should note that you will not be allowed entry into the beach after 12.00noon on any day but once you are in, you can leave whenever you choose to.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is usually one thousand naira (N1, 000) but it can go as high as four thousand naira (N 4,000) for special events.

Parking: The cost of parking here is N 200.

Horse-riding: Horse-riding costs at least N 300.

Tent Renting: N 1,500 and above.



Elegushi Beach is another private beach owned by yet another royal family. It is owned by the Elegushi Royal Family, the family of Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi. It located on Oriwu street, off the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ikate. Unlike the Oniru Beach, you may not be able to enjoy some peace and quiet here due to people’s affinity for the beach; little wonder it is the host site of the famous beach soccer tournament in Lagos (Copa Lagos) plus, there is no curfew. However, it is less crowded during weekdays. On weekends however, the beach comes alive with numerous parties and live bands performing. For meat lovers, keep your eyes peeled for the special barbeque scenery at night.


Entry Fee: The entry fee is usually one thousand naira (N 1,000).

Parking: The cost of parking here is from N 200.

Horse-riding: Horse-riding is from N 500.



Takwa Bay is an artificial sheltered beach. Home to a welcoming resident community, the bay is popular with water-sports enthusiasts. It is only accessible via boats and ferries since it has an island status and as a result, you get to enjoy a scenic view of some cool places in Lagos. This beach is not usually noisy or overcrowded, making it an ideal spot to enjoy some peace and quiet or a fun-filled day out with your babe, boo, friends or family.

Getting to the bay is not very difficult. As mentioned earlier, it is only accessible via boat rides or water taxis which are available at the Mekwe Jetty near Bonny Camp (lasts about fifteen minutes), at CMS (lasts about twenty minutes and costs about N 1,500), and at the Tarzan Marine Services beside the Oriental hotel, Lagos (lasts about twenty-five minutes and costs about N 2,000). Unless you plan to sleep over on the beach, it is best to plan to leave earlier than 6.00pm as the last speedboat to CMS leaves around that time.

Entry Fee: This fee is unofficial but it holds at two hundred naira (N 200).

Tents: These cost only about three hundred naira (N 300).

Chairs cost about three hundred naira (N 300).

Tables are only about a hundred naira (N 100).

Just in case you decide to change into your beach wear at the beach, there is a changing room, available for just N 50 only.

There is also a beach volley ball court which you can access for just N 1,000.


Located very close to the La Campagne Tropicana, this public beach offers bamboo huts; a feature common to private beaches. It is also cleaner and not as rowdy as other public beaches although this is largely due to the fact that it is located away from central Lagos. The beach is off Lekki-Epe Expressway and about an hour’s drive from the beginning of the expressway.

Just like the Oniru Beach, if you are looking to enjoy some peace and quiet, you should visit during weekdays. Though there are more people at the beach on weekends, the beach is usually still not as crowded as the others. Also, using the huts allow you some private experience. As such, any day may be quite as good a day to visit the beach.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is five hundred naira (N 500).

Parking: The cost of parking here is also N 500.

Horse-riding: Horse-riding costs at least N 300.

Huts: #10,000 and above.



Located in the coastal town of Badagry, about 20 miles towards the border between Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, Coconut beach is so named because of its coconut trees. The beach is far removed from the regular noise of the city and is instead surrounded by the peace and quiet of fresh air, open sky, white sand and rural nostalgia. The beach is the most popular around Badagry and is usually highly populated during the holidays, especially during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

There is no gate fee here. It is free to all and sundry and as its name goes, you can expect to enjoy a drink of coconut juice from its husk for as low as N 300. You can also get to ride a horse for N 500 only.

Other beaches include Suntan Beach, Atican Beach Resort, etc. Look out for our next post as we continue looking at beaches in the beautiful city of Lagos.

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